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"I have been delighted by the way Wayne Miller of SLO Tutor and Pandora of Pandora and CO. worked together to create such a beautiful and easy-to-use web site. I continue to have people comment on it. My questions and web changes are responded to quickly. "
-- Elizabeth Tolley, artist

Comments from visitors of

"Wayne Miller/SLO Tutor has brought me from a new-user/novice status to being a more proficient navigator in much less time than I ever anticipated. I wholeheartedly recommend him as a teacher. "
-- Philip A Nolan M.D., Morro Bay
"Mr. Miller is especially skillful at not moving faster than I'm ready to develop my computer skills. His patience at repeating the procedures on tasks I find difficult is especially helpful. Further, he always keeps his appointments on time and never gives me the feeling that he's in a rush to get somewhere else. I have referred numerous other "computer challenged" people to him and they have always been very enthusiastic about Mr. Miller's services."
-- Buzz Thompson, PhD, California Karaoke
"Wayne has been a godsend in terms of his knowledge and expertise. He is honest, fair, and helpful. And he taught me that HTML is not as bad as a root canal. I highly recommend his services."
Eldonna Bouton
-- Author/Publisher, Whole Heart Publications
"Wayne Miller was the answer to my problem. He is an excellent teacher. He understands the complexity of computers but is able to explain them to me in a way that is comprehensible. He is reliable, courteous, and always teaches to you, not down to you."
-- Sandra Beebe, Morro Bay

Computer Repair & Tutoring in SLO County
Call Larry @ (805) 528-4744
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Web Design & Hosting
Computer Repair & Tutoring in the Bay Area
Call Wayne @ (650) 557-1124 or (805) 801-0403
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Action Fax & Printer Repair
On-site repair and maintenance of laser & inkjet printers, plotters, fax machines and personal copiers in the San Luis Obispo County and Norther Santa Barbara County. Also large savings on remanufactured toner cartridges and inkjet cartridge refill mailers.


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